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Frequently Asked Questions

What rental periods do you offer for your cars?

For cars that we have in our inventory, you can rent a car by the day, by the hour, or longer term such as 1-12 months. 

What rental periods do you offer for ATVs and Jet Skis?

We only offer fleet rentals of 20+ units for ATVs and Jet Skis. Our leasing options are flexible, but our shortest lease offered is 30 days.

How does your subscription service work?

We offer a subscription service for individuals with high net worths ($2.5 MM and up). Our subscription service allows our clients to switch out their cars as often as 4 times per month. Please note that this subscription service applies to our cars only.

Can I lease a car outside of your current inventory?

Yes! Miami Luxury can source specific vehicles for clients. However, this service is only available to clients that want a lease of 6 months or longer.

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